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LEDA Numbers

The LEDA Numbers Package is a C++ library that provides all Number and Linear Algebra Types of the LEDA Software Library.

Among others it specifically provides number types  that can be used for exact computation with both Cartesian and homogeneous representations such as integers with arbitrary length, rational numbers and a real number data type.

The Most Comprehensive C++ Library Available Worldwide!

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LEDA Features:

  • MS Windows, Unix, Linux platform
  • Associative Container Types
  • Static / Dynamic Graphs & Networks
  • Number Types
  • Linear / Curved Geometric Data Types
  • Grafic User Interfaces
  • Multi-thread safe
  • Module Network Algorithms
  • Module Geometric Algorithms
  • Module Compression
  • Module Cryptography
  • Module Graph & Subgraph Isomorphisms
  • Module String Alignment
  • Module GUI

Release Note:

LEDA 6.4 provides new functions in the 3d_point type and an algorithm for the k-shortest-path problem.

LEDA 6.4 is also a maintenance release and fixes various problems, especially with the 64 bit computational kernel.

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